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Hi Everyone

I was wondering if I can get support in creating a formula for the following:                                            How do I add up letters ( P, M, D) or text (Pass, Merit ,Distinction) in a row and get an overall grade as a letter or text in Excel?


Example:        GRADES                           OVERALL GRADE                                                                                                      P   M   P    M   D  P  

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As I remember Overall Grade is the weighted average grade. If so, 1) weights are to be defined; 2) credits for each grade to calculate average, e.g. P=3, M=2, D=1 (or P=15, M=10, D=1) and; 3) define the logic based on which return the text for overall grade after average is found, e.g. closest to average, or smallest and not less, or largest and not more; etc.


@Sergei Baklan Thanks for your help. Will have ago and let you know how it went.