Formula assistance needed

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I need a formula to combine all the numbers in a column if they're also in a row with specific text.

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It was good of you to post your file, but you left some threads dangling in your question:


  1. What numbers,
  2. what column(s),
  3. what row(s)
  4. what specific text?


1. The numbers in the "points" column

2. See 1

3. If the number in the "points" column (for example - B2) is in the same row as one of the rankings (letter), I need to get it, and all of the number with the same ranking, and sum them up.

4. The rankings in the "level" column and the M or C in the "section" column.



Why PivotTable in Sheet1 doesn't work with you?


@Sergei Baklan 

Because that isn't a formula. That's a number I have to update by hand.



If you prefer to avoid Refresh, that could be


or bit more compact