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If i put an 'X' in 'column 2' i would like columns 8 & 9 to turn orange. is that possible?


If i put an 'R' in 'Column 1' i would like columns 6&7 to turn yellow


Could anyone guide me please?


Open/RTC/ ClosedTSC PeggedSkeen CheckEstimate start dateOperationResponse TypeDamage NumberFinance NumberSuburbRoad
 x  Veg/ ClearIRWDM01411A6522.1505Banora PointBarneys Point Road
R   Veg/ ClearIRWDM00059A5876.5664BilambilBilambil Road
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conditional formatting.JPG

This required 2 rules for conditional formatting as shown in the screenshot. Make sure that the "applies to" range and the rule for conditional formatting start in the same row. In the example both start in row 2.


Thanks for that 

i still dont understand @Quadruple_Pawn 

In the conditional formatting where do i go please?


Select the range (the "applies to" range) you want to format with the mouse e.g. =$H$2:$I$24

Then go to:

Conditional formatting -> New rule

cf new rule.JPG

Use a formula to determine which cells to format

use formula.JPG

Format values where this formula is true.

format values.JPG

Enter your formula (rule) for conditional formatting and choose the format you want to apply. Then click ok 2 times.

Thanks you for your help
when i put an 'x' in the first row it highlights all rows.

any suggestions from here?


Can you attach your file without sensitive data?

i can but i dont know how?







$ sign for row.JPG

Thank you. It works when you remove the $ sign for the rows:





You can see how it works in the example below.

conditional format.JPG