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Hello, i have make this table and i want to apply conditional formatting to a range of cells but according to the date of start and end. For example in ''receιpt of drawings'' I want to this line to be colored purple for example the cell in week 1.


can you help me to make this rule?Καταγραφή.PNG

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Highlight the area you want to have the formatting on and then you want to use a custom formula in the conditional formatting options.
Lets assume the Applied To range for the formatting is F5:M100
The key point is the top left corner (F5)
Lets assume the dates above the "WEEK" number header is row 3 and the Start date is column B and End date is column C
then use:
I have applied the rule but it has not got any formatting yet, probably because of the dates I think. I want these days to be divided into weeks and divided accordingly. how can I do that?
can you attach the sheet or a link to it? I'm not sure what you mean by "these days to be divided into weeks and divided accordingly"