Formatting to add 2 weeks to new dates

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I'm trying to create a spreadsheet which will allow me to input new dates in a column, and from that have a rolling on effect that will add two weeks from that column.

This is to help keep up with incoming deadlines which will always be 2 Fridays from each other, until the final week. I would like to have this be automated so that I don't have to write the formula into each cell every time a new deadline comes.

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Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

On Error GoTo Skip
If Target.Column = 5 Or Target.Column = 9 Or Target.Column = 13 Then
    Application.EnableEvents = False
If IsDate(Target) Then
Target.Offset(0, 2).Value = Target.Value + 14
End If
End If

Application.EnableEvents = True

End Sub

Maybe with this worksheet_change event. In the attached file you can enter a date in any cell in column E, I or M and the date +14 days is entered in the corresponding cell 2 columns to the right.