Formatting through sheets

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I have a problem that I am unable to solve. I have two identical tables on two sheets, but with different values. I have conditional formatting on Sheet2 that divides my cells by color. I need the cells on Sheet1 to have the same color labeling as on Sheet2 based on their location. That is Sheet1!A1etc will have the same color value as Sheet2!A1, Sheet1!A2 the same color as Sheet2!A2 etc. But I need the values in those cells to remain different.

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In the example there is this rule for conditional formatting in sheet1 that refers to the values of sheet2.


The "applies to" range refers to the same cells in both sheets.


Then the values in sheet1 are formatted according to the values from sheet2 in my sample file.






@Quadruple_Pawn Thank You, that´s nice, but I still can´t use it for my need. My conditional formating is based on a color scale with the smallest number in green, the percentile in yellow and the highest number in red. So there is no formula that has a True/False result.