Formatting output from MacOs web query

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I am using MacOS Excel, and I am trying to create a webquery by creating a text file and saving it to the queries folder. I am able to get the data but I am having issues formatting it. Is there any documentation somewhere what the syntax for formatting the output of the query is? Currently it downloads everything into the same cell in the form of:


{"requestId":"6fe3ea35-fa0e-4169-8ce5-c01b883e19c2","product":7,"drawnum":11383,"open":true,"oddslist":[{"c":"0-0 0-0 0-0","o":"10204,20","s":"2,00"},{"c":"0-1 0-0 0-0","o":"20408,40","s":"1,00"},{"c":"0-2 0-0 0-.......


I would like to get this in table format if possible.


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Hi Krisitian,


It looks like you work with JSON file. For Windows Excel there is the connector for json, not sure if it exists for Mac. On the other hand there are quite many resources to convert directly like this one


Try to google, perhaps add-in to convert on Excel for Mac exists.