Formatting lables in a chart

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Hi, all

I want to show the series name inside the pivot diagram lables instead of the default "value". How do I set that for all lables? I can do it for an individual lable, but in my attached file I want to see the "car type" instead of the "quantity" value.



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On a Mac myself. Select the label. Right-click "Format Data Labels..." and a screen similar to the one  below should open on a PC as well. There you can choose which elements the Label should contain.

Trevlig helg!

Screenshot 2020-01-10 at 12.59.40.png

Hi @Riny_van_Eekelen 
Thanx for the answer. That solution I found for the individual labels. But I need to open every single label to fix that in the whole chart. Thats not "do-able" as the result changes over time.  
How to "select all" labels and do the same thing? I´ve got no success so far...


Google "tells" me that on Windows you can clone Label options. Might work for you. Doesn't exist on Mac, though.

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Yes, I also saw that, but I can´t figure out HOW. I just don´t find the option "Data Label Series" on my installation of Office365.


Figured out (even on a Mac) how the Cloning works. It works within Data Series when you have more than one data point in the series. Then you can format the label for the first point and then press "Clone" to copy to the other data points in the same Series. When I select a Data Series and press on Format Labels, all data points are selected and can be formatted in one go. Thus, I'm not sure what added value the Clone button has here.  Would be nice if it would copy the selected format to all other Data Series. Perhaps someone someone else out here can elaborate.

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In your chart, every single car is a data series of it own with one data point Therefore, you don't see the Clone button.