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I'm working on a shared excel doc. I selected to option to open in Desktop so I could work. Excel doc consists of multiple columns, just showing the number of items in the particular category. In my co-worker's absence, I am to enter the number of items showing in each column, except now when I enter a NUMBER in a General Formatted cell, the NUMBER i input changes to a decimal. So, entering "2" in the cell ends with a "0.02" result. I have cleared formatting, I've changed General Format, to Number, I've toggled the percent option, the comma or number format, and nothing is resulting in just a "2." I have cleared conditional formatting, I have even gone to the point of using Text-to-Columns to change a NEW column to Number formatting, and re-enter the data, but the data appears as a decimal amount (i.e. "975" shows as "9.75").  I don't know what else to do. I would love some direction. 

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Open File, Options, click Advanced, uncheck the second checkbox (the one that says Automatically insert a decimal point)