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I am not the brightest person where tech is concerned.  I am putting together a workbook which requires 100+ sheets all with the same cell format.  I have worked out how to replicate cell widths in each sheet, but I need to also replicate cell heights in the same format.  I have tried help, but it suggested format painter which only allows me to replicate cell by cell.  I have around 63 rows to change the height on.  This is ok for 10 or so sheets but I am now working with over 100 and it is time consuming to have to set up each sheet.  Is there a way to copy the cell heights of one worksheet to others?

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Hi @Jeenine 


if all sheets have really the same structure, you can just select all sheets and do the change automatically for all of them.


Right-click on the first sheet and then chose "Select all Sheets"



Then change the row height (or anything else you need) and it will apply to all selected sheets:



Just don't forget to unselect them when you are done, otherwise all entries you make in one sheet will be applied to all the other sheets.




Thank you Martin. This has been most helpful for me. It has saved me hours of tedious copying on what has proved to be a 150 worksheet workbook.