Formatting cells for Brazilian currency.

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I am trying to format cells for Brazilian currency. The Brazilian currency format is R$ 1.234,00 (So that is R$ (space)1.(dot)234,(comma)00. When I go through the entire format cells, currency, and select Portugues (Brazil) the result comes up as R$ 1,234.00 (dot and comma reversed). Can someone give me some hints on how to do this correctly without having to input each cell individually as text (which would cancel out the possibility of doing a sum of the entire column?


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Customize the number format:

In the "Format Cells" dialog that opens, go to the "Number" tab.

In the "Category" list, choose "Custom."

In the "Type" box, enter the following custom number format:

"R$ " #.##0,00

Click "OK" to apply the custom format.

This custom format includes the "R$ " prefix, uses a dot as the thousands separator, and a comma as the decimal separator, which should display Brazilian currency format as desired.


Hope this will help you.