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I have a textbox in a chart that displays the value of a cell (D37) in my spreadsheet.

Cell (D37) contents are: ="Average Total Intake = "&D36&" kcal".

Cell (D36) is the average of some data in the sheet: =AVERAGE(H2:H29).

Cell D36 containing the average is formatted to display no digits after the decimal place.  

Cell D37 displays the average with 12 digits past the decimal place, but I want 0 digits past the decimal place.  If I try to change the display format via the ribbon, I only hear the 'you screwed up' chime, no change.

Is there a way to format the value in cell (D37) to display with the desired number of digits after the decimal place?




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@Ralph_Page Try this:

="Average Total Intake = "&TEXT(D36,"0")&" kcal"


@Riny_van_Eekelen Perfect, I was not aware of the TEXT function.  Thanks

@Ralph_Page Excel has many not so obvious functions. Glad I could help!