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Windows 10 with Excel 365. I am trying to do a calculation sheet where I write out the equation in generic form, such as '-q*r^4(5+v)  (The 4 is easily formatted as a superscript in Excel, but it doesn't translate that way on this forum), then "solve" the equation by filling in the values, for example:

   =" -"&TEXT(C17,"#.##")&"x"&TEXT(C18,"#.##")&"^4x(5+"&TEXT(C21,"0.##")&")" 

Is there a way to format the solved equation so that the 4 is a superscript instead of using ^4 ? Excel grays out the format function when editing the equation.


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No, that is not possible. If a cell contains a formula, any formatting applies to the result as a whole. You cannot format part of the result differently from the rest.

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Thanks for the reply.