Format Table style with alternating colour not working ("zebra" format)

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I have a file with tables and it's impossible to get the alternating fill colours for rows (aka 'zebra' format!) to display properly: odd and even rows have the same fill format.

What i want - zebra



The only format i can get for this particular table is 'non-zebra':



The table format pull down menu only shows formats with non alternating rows (although header and footer row can be of a different format).


For this table the format menu shows only non zebra options:



That file has other tables with zebra formatting ok for which the format menu shows zebra options are well:



I tried a make a custom zebra format, the preview shows ok as below but then the table then displays with same fill format for odd and even rows:



Can you advise how to fix without having to rebuild my whole complex file from scratch?


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By default I have zebra format creating the table


Alternatively you may always apply conditional formatting like



Thanks Sergei but that particular file doesn't have the zebra in the table format menu and conditional formatting would be too cumbersome for this complex file.