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Is there a way to copy the format of a table and apply it multiple times?


Say you have a pricing table that has three headers (Description, Quantity, Price) and you have set the colours, fonts, sizes, borders etc. just how you want them.


You have a 2 year, 3 year, 4 year and 5 year pricing table.  


You want to take the formatting of the first table and apply it to the other tables.  Is there a way to go; Copy from one, paste to two, paste to three, paste to four and paste to five?


Right now you seem to have to copy from one.  Paste to two.  Copy from One.  Paste to Three.  And that's just annoying and time consuming.

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Double-click the Format Painter button.

The paintbrush will then remain active until you press Esc / Escape.

Amazing. Thank you.

I wonder how many other little wonders like this are hidden that people don't know.