Format of data change

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Hi Everyone , 

I am facing one issue from today. when I am trying to copy table like this in to Excel. Previously I use to copy -paste as table . now a days it copy as some data together as in 2nd screen shot.  Not sure why this is happening. Can please someone help me fix this issue ? 

V_SHAH228_0-1679677668917.png- Table I am trying to copy


V_SHAH228_1-1679677770312.png- This is how it copy


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You are copying from another application. Maybe this application writes the data to the clipboard in different format (only one column).



@Detlef_Lewin : I used to copy before and it was copying table before now it's not.


Does this happen every time when you copy?

Does it happen in every sheet/workbook?

Did you close and restarted Excel?

Did you started Excel in Safe Mode?


Hi Lewin,
I restarted Excel and it worked now. I am good now. Thanks.