format change when saving excel file to PDF

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Hi,  I have been using excel for my business since 2004, in the last 2 weeks something happened and now everytime i save my excel file to PDF, the page count doubles, all the margins get shifted, the date on the header disappears etc.  I have contacted Apple, we updated, uninstalled/reinstalled excel and nothing.  I contacted MS twice, the had me do a ton of things, also unistalled/reinstalled but couldnt figure it out and now they sent me to this chat.  I need this to work again, can you pls help?  I tried to attach the original excel file and the converted PDF file but it didnt let me, so i took screenshots, hope this helps.  tks   

Hope to hear from someone soon.  thank you & God bless Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 10.15.33 PM.pngScreenshot 2023-06-30 at 10.15.14 PM.pngScreenshot 2023-06-30 at 10.14.42 PM.pngScreenshot 2023-06-30 at 10.14.11 PM.png  

thank you.   

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