Format change - How to place "-" between numbers

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I have a list of phone numbers that are not in a consistent format, and I want them all to have the same format, which is with a hyphen "-" between the numbers. It should be shown as the following example: 010-0000-0000. Note that some of the numbers are already in this format. 



Please refer to the attached image and suggest ways in which I can quickly change the formatting using one or more functions.





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With this formula you would not have to get a double "-" if they already exist in some numbers.

Paste the formula into A2 or C2 and just drag it down.


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Perhaps this one:

=IF(LEN(B2)=11,WEBSERVICE("\d{3})(\d{4})(\d{4})~\1-\2-\3~" & B2),B2)