Format cells based ONLY on value of adjacent cells

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Hi - every help article I've found gives good directions for how to format cells based on a comparison of current cell value to adjacent cell value (i.e. equal or unequal, greater than or less than), but what I need to do is a little different:


I need the names in Column E below to be color-coded according to the value of the adjacent cell in Column F. For example, the name in cell E4 needs to be shaded red/pink because that person was rated "Red" in Column F. The name in cell E5 needs to be shaded blue because that person was rated "Blue" in Column F... etc. Is there any way to do this?


Screen Capture.PNG


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Here's what the rules look like (Sample xlsx attached, too):




Thank you! I had tried this approach applying the rule to the entire column and nothing was happening, but when I followed your example and specified a cell range within that column it did work.
You're welcome. Glad it worked!