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I have trouble with Microsoft Excel 2010.

I have a formula in the cell that calculates numbers from 0-6 depend on input data.

The same formula is in the cell below.

Using Format Cell (right-click on cell), on tab Number using Custom and added letter "S" before number so I get S1, S2, S3......

In one cell this works but in another, it won't work.

In a cell where it won't work when I type any number on the keyboard then format cell works.

It looks like when value is got by formula it won't work and when it is typed manually it works.

What can be the solution?


alexandarale_0-1626211181635.pngwith formula

alexandarale_1-1626211211451.pngmanually typed



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Could some of the values in column S be text values that look like numbers?

What happens if you set the horizontal alignment of column S to General? If the values jump to the right hand side of the cell, they are 'real' numbers, but if they jump to the left hand side, they are text.