Format as table to use in a List not working

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I'm trying to create an MS List with a calendar view and I've got an Excel spreadsheet with the data because that's the only way I can think to get recurring events (ie use different lines then previous date +7) but when I "format as table" as recommended in the instructions although it looks right, Lists thinks there's 6 different tables. I even named the table in Excel but Lists doesn't see that. Any ideas? It's only one tab.

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If you open that Excel file, on ribbon Formulas -> Name Manager do you see only one name (or 6) ?

@Sergei Baklan I don't see any and it only says Workbook, not Table so I wonder if I haven't converted it correctly?




It looks like you have the Table named _2022.  With Microsoft Lists -> New List -> From Excel -> Upload your file

it shall be one list taken from above table. Or you do that in different way?

It wasn't working because I had the filters on. As soon as I removed them the table worked. Thanks

@GemGem , great to know, thank you for the update