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Hi! Can anybody please help me to recover my password from a protected book in excel. Please!

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Here are two links that you can do yourself that might help you...if the worksheets are locked.

1 Link:Password Options

2 Link:How to unprotect the excel sheet if forgot the password


Please note...You can open a worksheet, the structure of a workbook, the VBA project, sections of a worksheet but not open a workbook.

Got a locked Excel workbook?

Opening Excel workbooks is almost impossible because they are encoded with Sha512 (especially the new versions).

Even Microsoft informs its customers that this is not possible.

There is a high probability that by your own can open a worksheet or a workbook structure but not a locked workbook.


Even if many websites on the Internet report that these files can be opened, this is usually not possible. What these websites are doing is brute force with a mask attack. Most of the time you get a message afterwards that the file cannot be opened and you can insert a new one.


Brute force method just tries all possible combinations of characters and symbols automatically controlled, which also takes a lot of time to find MS Excel password, most of the time it doesn't work.


Opening a workbook is very time-consuming and associated with high resource costs, which I and many private users unfortunately do not have available. There has to be a large institution behind it to make and operate such an effort.


In the end, even if all this can be expended, a workbook password is “almost” uncrackable in most cases, especially if the password is longer than 16 characters (with letters, numbers and special characters).


Hope I was able to help you with this info.



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