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I am trying to forecast rentals in the coming 90 days. I have 3 years of historical data. The question I have is I have 50 facilties I am trying to forecast for. It's very simple to do this on a single site. How can I forecast for all 50 facilities in a single forecast, instead of going 1 by 1 doing 50 individual forecasts?

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I would ask you to publish a copy of the worksheet as long as it does not contain confidential or personal information and at the same time on this copy could explain your plans to us.
This would be of great help to the users here who would like to volunteer to offer you a tailored help and maybe a ready solution...if some have their time.
So it would be a win-win situation for everyone
Thank you for your time and effort in making this possible in advance.
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@Nikolino  unfortunately there is confidential information. What I was thinking about is using a pivot table where I have 2 columns the date & the value, using the different facilities as a filter. Then adding the additional columns for Forecast, Lower Confidence bound, and upper confidence bound. I think this is one way to possibly do it, but I feel like there are still somethings that I am going to end up running in to that I am not considering right now.



If you will allow me, here is a little thought-provoking aid for your plans. I found the template at some point on the Internet, but unfortunately I can't remember the address.
Anyway, a little thinking support for the design and maybe a few formulas :).



Also an interesting address from an MVP.

Mynda Treacy shows how to create an easy-to-read interactive profit and loss statement in Excel using PivotTable, Slicer and conditional formatting.

Maybe this could also help you.


Excel PivotTable Profit and Loss

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