Forecast function doesn't return good data

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I've tried to use forecast from excell to make my work easier, but the result returned is too far from reality.  Have you experienced this?

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Please provide some specific examples.

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More specifically, attach an Excel file with one or more examples.


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If you do not see a "browse" link, upload the Excel file to a file-sharing website, and post the download URL in a reply here.  I like; others like  You might like because it uses the same login as this forum.  Do not use Google Sheets.


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There are many reason why FORECAST not return "good data".


First and foremost, because your actual data does not fit a linear treadline closely.


Second, because you are using a different "flavor" of the (new) family of FORECAST functions, not FORECAST per se (without qualifier).


Finally, because you are misusing the FORECAST function.  We cannot know one way or the other unless and until you show us your formula and data -- again, preferably in an Excel file that we can download.

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Thank you Joe! I've attached the file. I need to forecast next 5 months.

Thank you!


Your data have a yearly pattern, so you should use FORECAST.ETS.

In C46:




See the attached version.

Thank you Hans!
Still I think it's not returning good values. If I look on the historical October is best month of the year(except 2021), at same level with august. After using FORECAST.ETS october 2022 it's under september 2022, that's why i think it's not returning good values, it's should be at least august 2022.


I don't know how FORECAST.ETS works, but my guess would be that the forecast is weighed in favor of the most recent data. so that follows the trend of 2021.