Footnotes in Excel

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I need to edit the Footnote in an Excel spreadsheet and don't find Footnotes listed, nor does it have anything about EDITING in Help.  Can someone tell me how to make edits?

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You can check the link below to guide



Thank you for the response.  The subject matter in the link was far too detailed for what I want to do.  The good news is that I just realized I was in OneDrive and their editing possibilities suck!  I went back to 365 Excel and have able to figure it out with the 365 help vs OneDrive. 


Place the cursor where you want to add a footnote in excel, and type a number or symbol, like "1". Select Insert > Header & Footer. On the Slide tab, select Footer, and in the Footer box, type the number or symbol you added in step 1, and then type the text that you want to appear in the footnote at the bottom of your slide.


Slides are in PowerPoint, not in Excel...