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I want to use an excel sheet as official document and therefore added my logo in the header. 

Now I want to add all my company and bank information in the footer but it´s divided into 3 sections - and each section is limited. Now I wonder if I can connect these sections (cells) like I can do this in the formulare to add my information or if there is another solution to do so. 

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If you enter a long text in one of the sections, it will display across the other sections. There is a limit of 255 characters, though.

If you need more, consider using a picture instead of text.

Or enter the information in the first row or rows of the worksheet, and set those rows to repeat at the top of each page in the Sheet tab of the Page Setup dialog:


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Thank you. Sounds like a plan. Will try that. 

But then it´s not at the footer.
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There is no easy solution for that. Would an image in the footer work?

Yes, and another solution which I just found out by myself is to embed the excel into a word where I have a prepared footer. :>