Fonts Suddenly Change When Using Wrap Function and Text Orientation

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I've been using the current version of Excel in 365 ProPlus for months and have had no problem until now.  When I open an existing Excel file, the headings (rotated 90 degrees and using Arial Narrow font) are distorted (see "after" screenshot below).  The problem goes away if I turn off wrap text.  Note in the image below that the left is without wrap and the right is with wrap.


I began using a new monitor about 2 weeks ago and had no problem until today.  I made hardware adjustments yesterday, but my Windows resolution is still the same (2560x1440).  Any help is appreciated.


Excel Font Wrap and Orientation.jpg 

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The plot thickens...the monitor in my post is wide-screen 49" 5120x1440 resolution with a "picture by picture" (PBP) mode which allows the computer to be fooled in thinking there are two 2560x1440 monitors side-by-side (which is where I first saw my problem).  I mention this because when I turn off the PBP mode and open the Excel file in the 5120x1440 resolution, the problem goes away (as shown below).


So I guess my question is: Is this problem due to:

1. Monitor manufacturer (a large consumer products company that begins with an "s" and rhymes with hamstrung) or

2. Graphics card; or

3. Windows settings

Excel Font Wrap and Orientation 5120x1440.jpg