Font size in a drop down list

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How can I increase the font size in a drop down list?

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Unfortunately best to my know you cannot increase the font size in a drop-down list with data validation.  But if you are using form control then you can list increase the size in changing the drop-down property.


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@Faraz Shaikh Can you give me the steps to do this please?


Unfortunately, the font size of a drop-down list can only be changed using VBA.

However, you can make the font smaller around the drop-down box (or across the entire sheet), and then zoom in on the overall view. In this way, the font in the drop-down field is also displayed larger.

VBA code :
Alternatively, only with a little trick - simply enlarge the zoom to, for example, 200 when a cell is selected with a dropdown (otherwise set it back to 100):
Change event must be incorporated.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change (ByVal Target As Excel.Range)
On Error Resume Next
If Target.Validation.InCellDropdown Then ActiveWindow.Zoom = 100
End Sub

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange (ByVal Target As Excel.Range)
On Error GoTo error handler
If Target.Validation.InCellDropdown Then ActiveWindow.Zoom = 200
Exit Sub
error handler:
ActiveWindow.Zoom = 100
End Sub


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