Font Color turned Red on all saved Excel files

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Not sure why or how this is happening. When I open a saved excel file the font which was saved as black is now red. How do I fix this please?

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Without seeing your setup, it sounds as if you have some code running ON SAVE or ON OPEN.

If it's happening just for you, I suggest finding the PERSONAL.XLSB in the XLSTART folder, and removing it by copying it out of there, perhaps to your documents folder for future inspection. For more info, check here:


If it's happening across an organization, well...there's a gremlin running around somewhere.

@edawcj Thank you for your suggestion on fixing my issue. You are amazing for offering your help. Unfortunately, I will not be able to try it out as the issue resolved itself after a computer reboot. I will refer back to this if it happens again. have a wonderful day!!!