Font changed while copying in MS Excel 2019

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Sheet A used font Calibri 11pt, and sheet B used the font Calibri 11pt but when I copy data from sheet A to B, it pastes data as font Arial 11pt. I used copy by Ctrl+ C and paste by Ctrl+V. I don't want to paste special. I want to keep the format cell as sheet A, Could you help how to fix it?

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Sounds like the standard cell style's Font for B is set to Arial rather than Calibri. in the Cell styles box on the home tab, right-click "Normal" and choose Modify. Set its font to Calibri.

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

Hi Jan Karel Pieterse,

thank you for your idea. it's solved.
I update the excel template in the template directory by modifying the Cell styles "Normal" as per your suggestion. it's working. Updates in the working sheet will change time by time but updates in the excel tem20230131104337.jpg


plate (Book & Sheet) are fixed permanently.