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Bonjour , 

la fonction SommeSiCouleur etait activée jusqu'à quelques jours plut tôt et depuis Excel ne la reconnait plus et indique #NOM?.


Merci pour votre support 



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That's VBA function installed with some add-in or like. Perhaps here Fonction Excel : SOMME_SI_COULEUR ( you may find more details how to install it. Sorry, don't understand French.

@Sergei Baklan try google traduction


Sorry, not my business



excel cannot sum by color unless you filter by color then subtotal the amounts, or if its a function then it's a vba solution that was created as a user defined function. ask the one who created it to fix it.


With the permission of all involved,

although my knowledge is not on the same level as everyone posted before me,

but to clear up any misunderstandings what exactly is meant (which is most of my mistakes :),

I would recommend adding a file with these errors (please, without sensitive data )

so you can get an answer much faster and more precisely.


At the same time, it would be very helpful for anyone who would like to help,

because less time is needed to understand the problem ... so more time to solve it.


The possibilities in Excel are very diverse, including the errors that can be made with it, mostly without knowing it.


Here is a link that will help you to ask your question so that everyone involved who would like to help can also help.

Bienvenue dans votre espace de discussion Excel !


Thank you all for your understanding and patience


I wish us all a lot of fun with Excel :))