Flash Fill and Dragging Down Formulas Alternatives

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Is there a way to Flash Fill a formula or Drag Down a formula... let's say 5000 rows, without using VBA or dragging the box down 5000 rows?


My formula is in Cell F2:F4 and is=TODAY()-E2.




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Press F5 to activate the Go To dialog.

Enter F2:F5000 in the Reference box, then click OK or press Enter.

Press Ctrl+D to fill the formula down.


If E2:E5000 have been filled, you can also double-click the fill handle in the lower right corner of F2 (if F3 and below are empty) or F4 (since F3 and F4 already have a formula in your sample workbook)

Thanks, @Hans Vogelaar. This was a great option and worked perfectly. The shortcut F5 for Go To has been something I've never known I needed until now <3.