Fixing Data in VBA Macro excel sheet

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Hello everyone, I have this very important lifechanging task that I have to work on and there is a quick problem with my excel I have downloaded a performance review excel sheet that has been made by VBA or macro and there is a tab where it has employee database and employee review, I want to know how can I remove the employee's reviews and start from scratch or how to edit on them This could literally change my life forever I could use some help if possibleunaaaaaknown.pngunddddknown.pngunasdasdknown.png

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There is a hidden tab containing the back end data. you probably need to change the data there.

to unhide the tab, Right click on a tab and select unhide. then unhide the tab you want to edit.
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Check this if you're not able to unhide the sheet the usual way:
Thank you so much!!! IT worked!!
Thank you so much , it worked !!