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Hallo an Alle,

vielleicht kann mir jemand mit meinem Problem helfe.

Der Button " Fenster fixieren" ist bei meiner Exel365-Version nicht anwählbar, weiß jemand warum und wie man da Abhilfe schaffen kann?

Danke für Eure Hilfe ,Gruß Nico 

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Hello, the problem is independent of your Excel Office 365. You may have to figure out what could be the problem on your system. It could be problem with that specific keyboard or something else.


I use office 365 so do many users here and there hasn't be report of such problem.



@nicoalex12 Are you, by any chance in "Page Lay-out" view? If so, Freeze Panes (Fenster Fixieren) is disabled. Switch back to "Normal" view and see if it works then. Then picture below was taken on a Mac with English Office365. I trust you can find these options in your German version on a PC.


Screenshot 2020-03-29 at 09.02.15.png

@Riny_van_EekelenIch habe Office 2016 und leider ist der Befehl "Ansicht / Fenster fixieren" nicht vorhanden

@verwirrend54 Sorry, I don't have Office 2016, but the Excel version should have it. See link below. Perhaps it helps you solve your problem.