Finding the optimal division of two groups

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I have a project portfolio management problem, which – I think – can be handled as a mathematical problem. Therefore I would like to solve it in excel.

But be warned, I am far from an expert user in excel.

Here is the situation: I have a list of 22 projects that I want to divide into two groups for portfolio management reasons.

Each project is staffed by 1-5 of my colleagues.

I want to find the optimal division of the 22 individual projects into two groups in the way that minimizes the number of people who are part of both groups.

How do I do that?

I have an excel sheet with the projects in column a, colleagues in row 1 and then an x in relevant the intersections between names and projects (if the person in question is working on that specific project).


Am I wrong in thinking that some formula or function can solve this problem for me and find the optimal solution?


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