Finding the low and high price of a part #

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Hello - I am looking for some help with a spreadsheet I am working on. I have a sheet with a tab that has part#'s that have multiple purchases. There are a lot of the same part#'s on them. 


I have created another tab and would like to find the highest and lower part# within the first tab for the respective part#. 



Here is an example of the tab with the raw data. 


DatePart#Part DescriptionRec’d QtyParts Cost
01-20-2021200717SEAL KIT1.00$64.10
09-29-2021200717SEAL KIT1.00$72.69
01-18-2021200957SEAL KIT0.00$117.52
02-03-2021200957SEAL KIT1.00$117.52
02-23-2021200957SEAL KIT1.00$117.52
01-03-2022201004PIN M100XY1.00$1,561.33
01-10-2022201004PIN M100XY1.00$1,561.33
01-29-2021202637PIN H, G CY1.00$1,709.24



Here is an example of what I would like to pull from the raw data. 


Part#Part DescriptionStart PriceHighest PricePrice Difference
200717SEAL KIT   
200957SEAL KIT   
201004PIN M100XY   
202637PIN H, G CY   



Any help would be appreciated, thank in advance.

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In cell C19 in the attached example:


In cell D19 in the attached example:



Maybe with the above formulas. Enter formulas as arrayformulas with ctrl+shift+enter if you don't work with Office365 or 2021. If you work with Excel 2019 or a newer version you might apply MAXIFS and MINIFS formulas.

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Thanks @Quadruple_Pawn. The Minifs/Maxifs worked great.