Finding the data and to color code it

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I have a excel where i need to find data from Crtl+F and I have to color code that cell in green. 

i have to manually search that data and do the process. How i can do in one go? 


Please reply with any of your thoughts. It might be helpful for me. 


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There is an option that you can add to the Quick Access Toolbar. It will not be turned on by default. 


In Excel:

Go to File->Options->Quick Access Toolbar->find Repeat and add it to the Customize Quick Access Toolbar section. 


When this option is not available to use it will be gray. You could also use this with the shortcut Ctrl + Y.


Hope that this helps you! 




Yeah I tried that.

It returns to same cell again.

I have a list of data to be done like that.

You can see everytime i have to paste in Find what. There are such 500 entries


Good idea.