Finding multiple objects (product codes) on excel simultaneously

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Pls let me know, how I can make a search of multiple product codes on one list of products to make an accurate list of goods on stock. The idea is, that I have a comlete list of products, a hand made list of goods on stock (pdf) and I need to trnsfer the pdf- info to excel and delete the unnesessary info. Excel sheet has different formulas bult in. Sample available. Could also ask someone to do the transfer if I only knew, to whom address this type of request. Hope, my poor English can be understood. JukkaKos.

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@Jukka_Koskinen Because I do not know what content your Excel file (workbook) has, I will call it a catalog, and assume that the data for this catalog is on just one spreadsheet (worksheet) named Catalog1.


The text of the "hand made list of goods" (product codes? or product names?) probably should be copied and then pasted into its own spreadsheet  -- whether that spreadsheet is in the same Excel file as Catalog1, or in a separate Excel file.  (It is a little easier to work with them if they are in the same file, but it might be safer to keep them separate; you can choose.)


But it is difficult to describe how to "delete unnecessary info" as we don't know which data exists, which data you consider necessary and which you consider unnecessary.  It would be best if you could attach your Excel file, or a modified copy of a portion of it (better to keep certain info secret from business competitors, etc.) to your reply.  Then we can see which spreadsheet columns contain the data you will describe, which will allow us to write the Excel formulas.


As you start to reply, you will see a link to allow you to do this (I put a red rectangle around it in this first image):


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