Finding median, mean and mode using ifs functions



 I am a student in a 300 level excel spreadsheet class. In my over 30 yr professional career I have never had to use Excel. In my assignment from last week I was instructed to find the mean, median and mode using the ifs functions. Because I am not familiar with this function, I can't find a lot of information on using it for this function, can any body help me out with this. I have a little over 100 numbers in the column that needs to be calculated. I can calculate individually but this has me stumped. 

 Any help would be appreciated,


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Using IFS to calculate mean etc. makes no sense. Perhaps they meant using IFS to return one of these three statistical measures?

See the attached sample workbook.

or maybe they mean to use the IFS statement to calculate those values on only certain data, i.e. data that meet a certain criteria?
but if this is some academic exercise then in addition to IFS what other functions are allowed? can you use sum and count?

@Todd1963  wrote: ``I was instructed to find the mean, median and mode using the ifs functions.``


Or  m-a-y-b-e  they mean.... (wink)


Unless you want to waste your time with a lot of well-intentioned misdirection, I suggest that you post the complete instructions for the assignment verbatim, not your interpretation of it.  Ideally, attach an Excel file (not an image) with any data and formulas that you have.


Since this is a "level 300" Excel class, whatever that means, I presume the point of the exercise is to teach you something about Excel, not the statistics.  So it might help if you provide some context for the assignment.  In particular, what Excel functions and features is the class focused on now?  IFS etc?  Array-entered formulas?  Data Validation features? etc etc etc