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Hello All,

    hope all is well, i am trying to find numbers (Orders) with specific criteria. For example, Orders with receipt numbers 001,002,003,004 and 005 have all entered various codes A,B,C or A,B,C,D or some the same combinations. I want to find the all the receipts that have made a Specific entry A only and weed out the rest.


thank you for your help!

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If you work with Excel 2019 or later you can apply FILTER.

receipt code.JPG


Thank you for your response, it partially worked... it filtered to the receipt that used A along with other codes of the same receipt but what i am looking for is to filter to the receipt that only has code A not A,B, or C



Is this what you want to do?


As you can see here there are duplicate entries with different codes 20p, unknown and LOP and so on. I want to find the entries on the left that only has LOP and nothing else. if the entry has something other than an LOP I don't want it filtered. if an entry have an LOP and 20P and Unknown i do not want it filtered.. if the entry has only LOP i want to find that entry.. Does that help?







You can apply this formula.

specific orders.JPG


when i plugged the formula into the cell it returned Zero, this is the formula i used
=UNIQUE(FILTER('2022 Jan-Oct Data'!A:A,COUNTIFS('2022 Jan-Oct Data'!A:A,'2022 Jan-Oct Data'!A:A,'2022 Jan-Oct Data'!$AA:$AA,"<>"&"LOF")=0))


Am i doing something wrong i have over 50,000 rows? 

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=UNIQUE(FILTER('2022 Jan-Oct Data'!A:A,COUNTIFS('2022 Jan-Oct Data'!A:A,'2022 Jan-Oct Data'!A:A,'2022 Jan-Oct Data'!$AA:$AA,"<>"&"LOF")=0))


In your formula you refer to "LOF". According to your example you want "LOP".


Your formula refers to the whole columns A:A and AA:AA in sheet 2022 Jan-Oct Data. This is a reference to over 1 million rows and might result in an excessively long calculation time. Therefore i'd suggest to refer to e.g. 70000 rows if your data is over 50000 rows.


The 0 result means that there are 0 receipt numbers which only have code LOF. I applied this formula to a sample worksheet and it returned the expected result:


=UNIQUE(FILTER('2022 Jan-Oct Data'!A1:A70000;COUNTIFS('2022 Jan-Oct Data'!A1:A70000;'2022 Jan-Oct Data'!A1:A70000;'2022 Jan-Oct Data'!AA1:AA70000;"<>"&"LOP")=0))



            '2022 Jan-Oct Data'!$AA:$AA <> "LOP",
            '2022 Jan-Oct Data'!A:A

It shall be relatively fast.


thank you Sergei for your response, i do not have the TOCOL funtion in my excel, do you know how i can add it? 


if so, can you please elaborate further? 


Depends on your Excel version. That's Office 365, perhaps Current channel is enough now.