Find word from list (string) - without macros

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Hi everbody,


I am trying to find specific words from a list of items. I want to know if the word is in the strings given, and if it is, bring to cell C the classification of each item. I want to do all without macros. 

I need it to work like the VLOOKUP funtion when is fixed, that searches among the same list disregarding the position (cells) in which the item is located.


I have tried combining IF, ISNUMBER & SEARCH funtions but it does not work the way I want. I could not upload the file, here the tables:


found/not foundPurchaseClassification
not foundiPhone 11 64 GB - black 
not foundLord of the Rings special edition books 
foundGarmin GPS watch 
not founde-scooter Xiaomi 
not foundSilver photo frame 
foundTV with HDMI cable 
foundBaby pram set 
not foundKeyboard & mouse for PC 
not foundiPhone 11 256 GB white 


gps watchexpensive
hdmi cablecheap
xbox gameaverage
keyboard average


Can anybody help me here? 


Thanks in advance!!!


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Let's say the second list is in A2:B10 on Sheet 2 (with headers in A1:B1).

In C2 on the first sheet:

=LOOKUP(1000,SEARCH('Sheet 2'!$A$2:$A$10,B2),'Sheet 2'!$B$2:$B$10)

Fill down.

See the attached demo.

Thank you, @Hans Vogelaar 


Exactly what I needed!

I tried also with VLOOKUP + wildcards and was just about to start checking the Fuzzy LookUp but this does the job perfectly!



Hi @Hans Vogelaar

May I ask what does the "1000" do in that case?
Sometimes is working, sometimes is not...

Plus, I need something with a higher limit, does something else come to your mind? 



1000 is an arbitrary large number. You can change it to 1000000 or 1000000000 if 1000 is not large enough.