Find Minimum Date in 5 Different dates

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Hi All,

Is there any way that we can create a formula using IF funtion to find out the minimum date in 5 Different dates & we cannot use any other funtion. Because i need to use this in different area.

Any insights are highly appreciated. Thanks.


 Date1Date2Date3Date4Date5Minimum Date
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MIN() works in any area.


i am aware that MIN() works in Excel but i am using a unique application where limited excel formulas will work.
So If the formula available with IF funtion will be helpful in this case.
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As variant

=IF( (B2<C2)*(B2<D2)*(B2<E2)*(B2<F2), B2,
 IF( (C2<B2)*(C2<D2)*(C2<E2)*(C2<F2), C2,
 IF( (D2<B2)*(D2<C2)*(D2<E2)*(D2<F2), D2,
 IF( (E2<B2)*(E2<C2)*(E2<D2)*(E2<F2), E2, F2 ))))
Yes, i got it


Perhaps some other functions work in your app and that could be done easier.