Find latest date based on a product code

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I Need the formula for finding latest date based of a UPC in a separate table 


so below is example, i want column D to show the latest date (in this case this is a customer review tracker) in a separate workbook (below in pic 2) based on the product code in column A in the 1st book and link to column I to show the latest date in the second book 


By the way both workbooks are separate documents 





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Hi @cmckernan93 

You can use MAXIFS. In the example I have put the tables on the same sheet but you can change workbook after typing =maxifs( and select the dates and product codes from the other workbook before you finally select the (black) product codes.



Cell F19


I assume you have done some changes in the example columns and thus adjusted to a column with dates. 

Deeper description of MAXIFS eg at