Find and Replace window disappears after search

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i'm having a weird problem with an Excel "Find and Replace" function.
It goes away after I perform Find All or Find Next.

For example: i performed a search and it'd say "we couldn't find what you're looking for..." >> so i hit OK and "Find and Replace" would still be there so I could do another search. But now it's gone after I click OK...

Please advise. Thank you

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Hi @ian1050 


Click on Cltr + H again.



@wumolad thanks for suggestion but that's not related to my question. i need this Find and Replace window to be stayed on the screen.


any other thoughts?



I get your point now.


Does this happen on all files or is it only on specific file?

it happens to one file only. what's interesting is that no-one using this file has this issue. i even tried to copy paste the content of the file to a new book - same result

@ian1050 Alt -tab when you know the find is there but not visible. Look for the "find and replace box" and click x for that specific box. Attempt the Find again and there it is.