find and replace empty cells on excel web for Microsoft 365 Basic license

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I tried to replace all empty cells with 0, no way to do that with the web version,

simple find and replace work correctly in desktop app but not in web version.



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@kinanbshara Do you have the Automate tab available in your Excel on-line? If so, you can use this Office script to achieve this:

function main(workbook: ExcelScript.Workbook) {
    // Your code here
    let emptyAreas = workbook.getSelectedRange().getSpecialCells(ExcelScript.SpecialCellType.blanks);
  emptyAreas.getAreas().forEach(r => {


@Jan Karel Pieterse 

thanx for your reply,

for Office 365 basic no access to automate.

In that case I'm afraid you are out of luck, there is no easy way to do this in Excel-online.