Find and replace? Delete some characters but leave others?

Brian Jarvis
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Hello, All!


I'm trying to do a find & replace that would turn this:





The 25 could be any number value. Basically, I want to delete "someText(" and the the last parenthesis. Can I use find & replace to do this? Thanks!

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Hi Brian,


can you try this one?








If you have Excel 2013 or later then the best way to clean your data is to use the Flash Fill.


For example, imagine that you have some data in range A1:A21 as shown in the below screenshot,

and you want to extract the numbers only, in cell B1 type 82,

then step down to cell B2 and press Ctrl+E.


Flash Fill.PNG


If you have Excel 2010 or earlier, use this formula:



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