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Hi, hope everyone is well.

I have a spreadsheet that contains Firstname, Lastname, Email Address.

I use Find & Select to search for all the 

But how do I expand to also include Firstname & Lastname associated with that email? to then copy and paste in to a new csv



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Instead of find / select, why not add a filter, filter on the email address column for entries containing or ending with then that would allow you to copy / paste only the filtered list.

@discount85 Hi


See the attached screenshot "1.JPG". Hope it is in the expected format

Formula used in the cell D2 is:


=IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("gmail",C2)),CONCAT(A2," ",B2),"")


This will search for the keyword gmail in the email column and if true, will combine the contents of the cell A2 & B2 along with a space in middle.


To copy this in new csv, simply open a new csv and instead of copying the formula, type it and after SEARCH("gmail",  switch to old csv (alt+tab) and click on the 1st cell in the column email. Now again alt+tab to go to the new csv and further type two closing brackets. Now, type CONCAT( and alt+tab to old csv and click on A2, the alt+tab to new csv and type ," ",. Now do the same for the rest.