Filtering one table on a matching column in another table

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Hi all,


I have 2 tables in excel. the first is my large primary dataset which I need to filter down. the other table contains a list of the providers which need to be included in my dataset. 


In table 1 there is a column called PROVIDER_NAME. in table 2 there is Carer Name. I need PROVIDER_NAME to only include those in the list under Carer Name.



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On the basis of that very brief description, I am going to point you to the FILTER function, which does require Excel 2021 or newer.

Here's a link to a written description of how to use FILTER.

Here's a link to a very informative YouTube video.


If you need more help, then may I invite you to come back and post a link here to a copy (with no real names) of your workbook, posting the file itself on OneDrive or GoogleDrive.