Filtering data and moving each filtered columns to a new sheet. Large data set

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I am trying to filter column A. There are 100+ unique values in column a and I want to move each onto its own sheet or it’s own excel doc. I want all the columns included when moved. Can someone help?
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Could we first ask you what is going to happen next? Asked another way, what is the bigger picture here? What's the overall project of which this is just a small part?


The reason for asking: it may well be that you're trying to something that is unnecessary in the first place. It may be that Excel (which has remarkable abilities to work from a single large database) can do that extracting at a different stage of the bigger project, perhaps producing whatever it is you want to do ultimately --- presumably adding more info to each page, or whatever-- 


That said, I'm sure a macro or VBA routine could be written to accomplish the task you requested. I'm asking my "design question" just to see if there's a better way to do the bigger job in the first place.