Filtering and Counting Question In Excel

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Need help filtering data in an Excel spreadsheet. I can't seem to get the logic right in my formula.  The worksheet includes many rows of data. There is a column of names (Column T) and I need to filter to only include the rows where the names in Column T are also one of the names in Column S. I am trying to filter a larger list down to only those who are also members of the second list. All thoughts welcomed, the simpler the better.

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Thanks. I tried your suggestion, and it came back with a #CALC error. Perhaps there is a refinement that might help? I can certainly use the help!

try to limit the ranges and give a default if none found like this:
=FILTER(T1:T100, ISNUMBER(MATCH(T1:T100,S1:S100,0)),"none")



=FILTER(T1:T100, COUNTIFS(T1:T100, S1:S100) )